Perfection in Motion - The Beginning

My name is Keenan and for whatever reason, I have always tried to think outside the box. Maybe you’d call me the weird kid, maybe you’d say it’s cool but either way it’s always been a different way of thinking. This came into play when friends in high school all wanted lifted pickups, I went in the completely opposite direction and saved up for a Mustang GT. When skinny jeans were in style, I opted to save my crotch the suffocation and kept it loose. More recently, when I decided to hang car art on my wall, I just couldn’t settle for the typical art or car poster of the Lambo with the motivational phrase of “YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING”.  It’s just not my style. That’s when I decided to carve my own path and create something I would want to hang in my own room and office.

Perfection in Motion was born out of an excess of thousands of crappy car photos, days spent at car shows and hours staring at modern pop art.

The goal is to always create interesting wall art out of the uninteresting image and consistently asking the question, what does this make you feel. That’s how we ended up taking a picture of a car sitting in a parking garage and turning it into canvas art of a flying Porsche. We have wall art that was originally a picture of a Bugatti posing on a grass field with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, it’s now a chariot for Gatsby.

Our designs are not realistic, photogenic or standard, we are making unique pieces that we are actually excited about hangin on a wall and showing off to our friends. Posters are great for the guy with cheeto dust on his fingers, Perfection in Motion pieces are is for those who want something different, something outside the box.

I hope you enjoy our journey, our creations and our voice as we go down a path together.