Perfection in Motion is an automotive art brand based in southern California that is focused on creating the worlds most exciting art pieces. We strive to capture the emotion and brashness of past and present automotive design and share our unique vision so you can transform your walls into something that represents your passion. 
From our Founder: "My name is Keenan and I grew up going to car shows with my family which meant that from an early age, I was obsessed with cars. As I grew older, cars became a more centralized part of my life as I began incorporating my passion with friendships, business interests and weekend trips.
Perfection in Motion was founded because I simply couldn't find any art that I was excited to hang in my room or office. I decided to design pieces for myself that incorporated my and exotic cars. Eventually I found that friends and even random strangers wanted to hang Perfection in Motion art on their walls so I decided to share with the world. 
It is now my goal to continue to design amazing pieces and push the boundaries of what is printable. Perfection in Motion is on a mission to cover all the walls, and in doing so, spread our passion for breathtaking cars. Come along for the ride." - Keenan